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Updated: Jan 15, 2022

The future is Yang!

You are running for president and then mayor and you loose both big time. What do you do? Start your own party, because you are not enough of an outcast?

"We are going to solve the problems that are driving us crazy. We have this two sided duopoly that is just clashing and clashing. You have to face facts that this system is not working." -Andrew Yang

He Ran on Big Ideas.

When politicians were talking about healing the soul of America, he was talking about policies that would help us all. There was politicians that were standing on tables telling everyone they had momentum to change America, he had reasonable plans that laid out a path. There were articles that were coming out about what a following certain people had to create fake buzz. He had actual people excited about him without an article needing to be written but no one would.

Moving Forward

He is now focusing on the future.

He maintains in his new book that our founding fathers would be appalled at the two party system. That they thought having just two parties were anti democratic and is a modern invention. We can see that it doesn't work too well. If you saw in the market a system that wasn't working and had a large customer base that wanted a different choice, you would give it to them.

The problem is that currently there are so many gate keepers and levers in the current system to combat any change, it is hard for that change to take place. A simple fix though that he purposes is that state by state we can enact open primaries and rank choice voting. That will be the grease that turns the wheel of change. That will allow third parties to be a option in America.

That is Great But...

That is all well and good but our system isn't designed for government to work and it may take tomorrow or a decade to see the kind of change we want that really makes a difference. People should be involved in their government as they have the ability and fight for reforms where they can. The reason though that you normally only see people with money and means running for office is that they have discretionary income. Also people that are really involved in politics have the same. They are free to financially focus and donate to candidates.

That means that we are really an 'ends justify the means capitalistic corporate society." Our society rewards anyone that make money and they benefit from our system. It really doesn't matter how you make money or it can be unethical as long as it doesn't overtly break a law. If you do break a law then it is best to position the consequences within many board members. Then make sure that the only litigation is a fine to the company, that may at that point need to be paid. If a fine does get paid make sure it is only a minimal amount compared to the profits that were made by the company in the first place. The important thing is that money was made because the real crime in America is being poor.

Don't Despair!

The only real answer is to make money. It is incredibly difficult but not that hard. Once you make money you can then make real change. That is great but if you are not an entrepreneur then it may be a little more difficult for you. The good news is there are many organizations out there trying to distribute the wealth more wildly. Yes, Andrew Yang has an organization attempting to do that and anything he does I am totally on board but please check out American Jobs Factory. They are building a decentralized workforce and a network that builds the country while distributing the wealth to workers. Either way we need new organizations and systems to create the future we can be proud of. It is too hard to change existing organizations but because we live in a capitalistic society, that means on the positive side, anyone can start something new that makes a real difference.

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