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Power Tomorrow

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Steve LeVine writes 'The Electric, a new publication on batteries, electric vehicles, and their impact on society, cities and geopolitics.' Has a very important call to action.

While its battery makers and automakers are poised to produce cutting-edge batteries and popular electric vehicles, they will rely almost entirely on a supply chain controlled by China. Over the past decade, China has built up most of the world’s capacity to process the metals that make lithium-ion batteries — the heart of the electric vehicle revolution — work. It is this capacity that puts China in the catbird seat in the race for the future while America falls farther and farther behind.

the U.S. is so incredibly behind everyone getting its supply chain act together.

In China, by contrast, state-backed companies have secured a reliable supply of the raw metals and elements behind E.V. batteries. According to LeVine.

China is a threat.

According to this author China has positioned itself to lead the world in this new technology and because they have done that it will be hard to pressure their government to uphold human rights or the fight against climate change. When they are the only ones to supply needed resources then we are in trouble because we can not demand better outcomes from them. They have us over a barrel as it is said.

China seeks to influence in many ways. They have an active social and media campaign to assert their magnificence while claiming there is nothing bad to see and how dare you even look. That is there whole plan to continue to hurt markets and people, then claim it is racist or judgmental to ask questions of their behavior.

They also pay for influence in many countries as well as the U.S. They have set up centers at many universities to monitor speech of China nationalists as well as other students. When something is said that they don't agree with they organize campaigns that they manufacture to look organic, then activily campaign to rail against the people that have said those things. Many times because this active campaign is fought in the Mandarin language, it goes unaware to the general public.

America Step Up!

The larger point is that America needs to assert its dominance in leadership. They need to fix the problems that the Chinese government won't be able to because of their bureaucracy. Because of the bureaucracy they will never be able to implement new ideas that flow from a place of freedom.

So the call to action from this author was simply this. "Start a batteries and metals processing company!" Says, LaVine. In the U.S. we need companies that solve problems but also operate in an ethical way. That is what leadership is all about. We need to compete and win. We can do it because when you treat people great then they give their best. We can out perform and out do them because we can attract their best engineers and scientists because we will always do better for them, by them.

This is a promotional piece for

Go to the website and help us #build_back_better, we need to help #Americanworkers build a #future we can believe in. Part of that is to #invest in companies and systems that make us better as a people. The #batteries and metals market is becoming a bigger need in our market. With #Tesla leading the way in the #EV space, we will need better structures to provide the materials for this new world.

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