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Organize UP!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

What will future organizations look like? That is what America is good at. Allowing all kinds of organizations to take place. Even if those organizations are wacky or harmful.

I once interviewed a professional hug lady. She made a living going to hug parties and providing her hug services to wealthy clients. She assured me that it was completely non-sexual but a way for her to make a living and she enjoyed it.

Weird Groups

I've traveled all over the United States because of great clients.

If have really researched the corners of the internet you will have encountered weird groups. Some of the more dangerous ones have a long history and operate legally and freely here. There are many examples of religious groups that demand their members give all to the organization. I am just pointing this out because America is a big experiment going on all the time. Every company is an experiment on governance. There are companies that exploit their workers and companies that pay everyone, even the janitor over thirty-five dollars an hour. There are even more people that work for them selves. Never reporting their income because they see that it is just enough to pay bills and never is enough to report. The lady I talked to said the being a professional hugger allowed her to travel. "I've traveled all over the United States because of great clients." Because of cash app and other tools on the internet she can post to her following when she needs money and often they will donate to her to keep going in life.

Work will be Like Clans that Take Care of You but They Could be Internet Clans.

A clan is like a family that takes care of you. Lots of people join investment clubs, to work together to make smart moves financially. This is the best way to move forward, to get together with people that you can as a collective insure yourself against loss. How many would benefit from a group that put in some money aside every month incase of a job loss in the group or medical issues. You use to be able to count on your employer to provide income and medical care but as crazy as this economy gets we have no idea where mahram my hit.

Can a #smallbusiness and their employees band together with another #workplace to create #investments and have #healthinsurance that protects everyone. That is what #pentions used to be for but is less and less prevalent in todays society. Since so many people change jobs how can the #benefits people have protect them? Benefits are dropped as soon as you make your move.

Oct.21 "Since the start of the pandemic, 20% of workers have changed careers, according to a survey from Prudential. 46% of employees are considering a career change, per data collected by Microsoft."

Have you heard of DAO's they are the new internet thing. They are decentralized organizations on the internet. #DAO can be organized without human day to day intervention because basically they have contracts and rules that can run automatically once put together. There are many experiments out there. And internet organizations are just the newest. There have been online communities before with #econemies but these are min companies. An economist Richard Wolff always points out that companies should be formed as socialist organizations where everyone gets the value and it seems that these #internet companies have a profit sharing element. One organization that is trying to take all the ideas is #AJF a #nonprofit #decenteralized #workforce. They want to take down take down #corruption by out competing bad companies. The way Capitalism was intended. If a decentralized workforce is better for workers they should do better than traditional #corporations.

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