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Autonomous Robots Are Not The Way

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

What does it mean to have robots that don't need any help or instruction?

In February, McKinsey Global Institute predicted that 45 million Americans—one-quarter of the workforce—would lose their jobs to automation by 2030.

We will not build connections with coworkers and find friends in the breakroom. No, we will be making sure that Boltz 523 is running and performing correctly.

Soon we will look over and instead of saying hi to Jack we will be asking our robot buddy to grab that box. Why are we even here if that thing can do everything? Some one has to watch the robot and that means we will increasingly be all alone. We will not build connections with coworkers and find friends in the breakroom. No, we will be making sure that Boltz 523 is running and performing correctly. Is this a dystopian future that is far off in the distance? Apparently not as they are being built currently. The creators of this robot claims that there will be jobs for people in the future but have they really thought out what those jobs will be.

In this video this company explains how robots need to do meaningful work. They explain how robots have not been able to be in spaces that people work in. There goal is introduce robots in the workplace. They have robots now that can do human jobs. Soon could everywhere you look be a robot taking care of something just years ago a robot would have done? Even now you have self checkouts and stores that can operate without a cashier. We have self driving cars and self driving semis on the way. There is no limit to what a robot can do. They even have robots that can write articles for the news. (Just so you know I am not that advanced here.) I am concerned that things are just moving too fast.

I am not advocating a delay in progress. I am just saying where are the organizations that are preparing for the jobs of the future, instead of preparing to destroy jobs? I see a future where robots are controlled by people. You don't show up and work with the robot. You show up and be a robot. Yes that is right we will show up in a room with others to control our robot that builds and performs functions by remote control. Only we are the remote control. Every movement we make the robot mimics it and performs it. We use it as a tool to perform functions that robots can't figure out.

All this is where our robots will be going but it brings up a bigger question at that would be isn't the purpose of all this technology to give us the ability to work less, not more. What if we worked two days a week because we can do more with our robots than ever before. Wouldn't that make the advances worth it. Either way we need people thinking of what we will be doing. We can't just have people replacing us with out a plan for the human race to move forward and I think becoming the robot or becoming part of the computer is the future.

My next blog is about how we will integrate into machines without being part machine. All sci-fi movies have it wrong. The future is coming and we will have a symbiotic relationship with computers, robots and the machine.

-I move in a certain direction. You will only know from on high. If you solve me a land of steel will open. If you do not solve the puzzle then, something will be here to eat. You are the breakfast special.-

All will be revealed in "Biosphere Ultra" my new book coming soon.

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