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Futuristic Robot



Ultra Design.png

Man Inside

Cameras- Take video of the environment  and provide it back enhanced.  This is called augmented reality. 
Speakers - Enhanced Audio, can provide better sound but also mic in sound from other suits. 
VR- To combat solidary experienced loneliness we can interact virtually with others.
3D printed food- We can put in nutrition packs that manipulate how food tastes and feels as it enters the mouth.
3x Shell-  Having a bigger shell will allow functionality to stay inside the suit.
Breathing System-  Algae can be used to create and maintain air supply.  This algae can be weaved though out the suit and create a long term air supply. 
Thorium Nuclear Power -  The most constant power supply known to man is nuclear but thorium is safer and can be more compact.  
Pressurized Air - The suit needs to maintain pressure against the body for the different environments but also we can simulate VR experiences by focusing pressurization on different body areas.  
Water-  The key to survival can not be created yet but it can be filtered and recycled. 
Disposal -  Waste can be dehydrated from any water and a exhaust system created.
Light Focus -  The key to the VR system is that light can be focused on the body to recrate any sensation that we want.  We will create a cool shower or warm bath. 

I want to be able to recreate every sensation.  I want to be able to smell in the suit and the thing outside the suit is mirrored back as sulfur or lilacs.  I want to taste something and you are not actually tasting it but the suit is reading it, then sending back to you, safe inside, what it would taste like if you were doing it.  The outside environment will be mirrored back to you, for your protection.  That way in the VR world the same thing will happen, for you to experience it as if it was. 

Keep in mind, this may take decades to complete the entire vision but we have the ability now to produce a suit that is adequate, that will only improve over time. 

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