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For CVO (Chief Vison Officer)

My Story

I woke up one day and remember a dream of the future.  My whole being just knew after that dream that the future I had envisioned would happen one day.  I had to write about it.  I started more than seven years ago writing down a story of a young man moving to a city located under the sea.  In that city though was the infrastructure to support the high tech suit life.  Suits dominate society because you can do anything in the suit that you can think of.  It simulates reality while protecting you.  You need protected because we will live in more and more hostel environments.  

Knowing this will happen someday, I thought, "I'm an entrepreneur.  Why can't I bring this into being?"  That is why I started this tech start up because there is so much money out there for great ideas.  So, join me to bring this exciting future into the present. 

About Me

As an Entrepreneur I want to solve several problems.  One I want to create future opportunities for people to have jobs and support their families.  

The number one way I intend to accomplish that is by creating a decentralized work force.  

Two I want to make as much money as possible that can flow back into workers and communities.  That is why I have a Mgmt. Co. to support and grow business in our network. 

Three I want to create technologies and work that supports us in the future and doesn't actively destroy us as people.  That is why I have several tech initiates and other ideas that I am working to make happen. 

-Daniel Ayerzon 


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