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Female Cyborg

   The 300pg Sci-fi novel takes place a hundred years into the future.  The slow but then sudden adoption of suit life has taken over society.  I start out describing how all of a sudden everyone is playing and working in mech like suits that protect us.  At the same time it is because of the benefits of the suit that attract people, as in in feels like you are wearing nothing restricting.  It equates to the first car or home computer.  It is a novelty and then all of a sudden you wake up and it is life.  Living through the pandemic, I personally know how things can change in an instant. 


   At the same time if you look back and watch how people mocked the internet, you can see how a new way of doing things with tech, seems so foreign to people at the time.  The idea that everyone will choose to live in a tech suit, at first, seems ridiculous.  I am not writing a dystopian fiction either.  For the most part it is more like my experience with Star Trek.  It seemed more like an attainable future.  Not good or bad but just the natural progression of our future.  My work is not utopian either.  It is more transporting the struggles of today into a narrative of the future; with just a different, more high tech atmosphere of reality.  I describe a catalyst of why people went with suits but it was not the ultimate driving factor.  Most technology is adapted because of the positive benefits that it provides. 

Cyborg in Spaceship

   As I write this, I am in the month where Matrix Resurrections is coming out.  There are a lot of people that see virtual reality and feel like we will somehow plug into our brains and create a simulated world that way.  The very thought of cyborgs are that we merge with machine by injecting anodes in to our skull.  Right now if you drive a car, you are for a time, a cyborg but it is not connected to you.  Often times the fiction tells of a horrible future that causes us to adopt a bleak tech future.  The opposite of that is in Star Trek we witnessed people walking into a room that simulates a false reality around them.  They were tricked into not hitting a wall ever because it navigated them around in circles.  The episode always has a malfunction where the false reality becomes dangerous because the safety protocols get turned off.  For the most part though they live outside a manufactured reality and appreciate that life.  

   Neither of those do I see to be our future.  Right now though the earth is in trouble, climate change is real.  So, a little bit of combined realities, I do see happening.  I do see with harsher climate we will need protection from the elements and as we go to explore space we will need advanced space suits.  Technology will need to allow us to be cyborgs, but like in Star Trek we will be in a room of our own environments.  We will be in complete control of our reality and we will be protected.  We will have the option of disconnecting from that technology but choose not to.  We won't interact with it because it is hooked to us or that we have to but because we choose to.  Reality and virtual reality will be seamless as one.  We won't die in the matrix but be protected by it. 


   Right now we are on the precipice of exploring space again in person.  Everyone is aware of Elon Musk as he is now the richest human on the planet.  Well, his life goal is to make us a interplanetary species.  He thinks that is crucial to our collective survival of our species.  He may be right because our supplies and resources are dwindling.  We are running out of the most basic things.  I saw a video with Vice explaining how we are running out of sand.  Not just any kind of sand but the right kind that can produce concrete.  It seems that it is only found in rivers and lakes but we are destroying the eco system and running out of places that produce this kind of sand.   

   Another article seemed to surmise that the first multi trillionaire will be made out of the person that can monetize space mining.  We know one thing that space is vast.  So, there has to be enough resources out there to not destroy this planet, to get the things we need.  It is worrying though, some warn that we could destroy other planets too if we are not careful.  I saw at least one sci-fi movie that had a dystopian warning where we destroyed the moon while mining it and it caused the ocean to destroy us. 

   Either way I feel that we will consume a lot less, if most of our consumption is virtual.  Like we collect music now digitally and this year started the NFT race to collect art digitally.  I foresee us collecting vast amounts of digital products virtually but in a way we can touch it and experience it.  We will be able to trick our senses to experience things virtually as well.  This will curb our consumption of resources but we will need to find an ice planet to house or vast servers of quantum entanglement computers.  Maybe Pluto will be the choice, far from a solar flare.  


   As we travel to other planets and as our planet becomes harsher to us, we will need suits to be protected.  Can we live in a suit for twelve hours a day?  Not right now, we can't.  I found it interesting that the most important feature of a space suit helmet is a sponge located just to the right or left of center.  Why a sponge you may ask?  A sponge is so important because if you get an itch on your face you can not easily reach your nose to scratch it.  Imagine having to be in that suit for an hour and not be able to scratch your face.  That would be complete torture.  

   Since our planet is the only one in our immediate solar system that has vegetation, an atmosphere or life we will need advanced space suits.  We will need space suits that we can practically live in.  I see most space suit companies still experimenting with cloth and materials.  Have you seen them?  They are still looking like a slightly more advanced 1970's looking space suit. 


    Space suits need to be as advanced as our modern day cars. We are not yet trying to put the car around our bodies with the LCD screen, the A/C and the self driving.  You can stay in a car for at least four hours before needing to take a break.  Space suits will need to advance to the point where it feels better to be in one, then with out one, before we really can explore space. 

Astronaut with Surreal Background

   The typical space suit design is where we look out of a glass dome.  We have Darth Vader type of tubes and activators.  I see the space suit as a smooth car like surface.  I see no pouches or zippers.  I see it more like Iron Man then 70's space suit.  All the tubes can be inside.  You don't look out of glass but have cameras that project the out side into you.  You breath clean air that is produced by your suit and not held by it.  You eat food that mimics the meal you want.  Space suits will be luxurious and people will line up to be in one.  This is what the future holds. 

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